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we are devoted to helping
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The right financial tools and solutions can help you grow older how and where you want.

The Value of

Of the Customer

To us, customer centricity is not just a corporate value we have stuck on our wall, but it is a culture we have inculcated in all our staff upon realisation that our clients are at the centre of everything we do

Tamirira Rusheche

Managing Director, Microhub Financial Services

Microhub Financial Services

Microhub Financial Services (Private) Limited is a young, dynamic and indigenous microfinance institution that was incorporated in November 2015. The sole mandate is to provide access to financial services that provide rapid social and economic transformation to the informal sector and communities at large.

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We have a very healthy approach towards risk modelling and we pay due attention to factors mitigating risk within the environment.

What we offer :

Our Services

We offers technology driven, innovative and competitively priced loans and business advisory services that are appropriate for its client’s every day needs

Micro Business Loans

This product is for Individual entrepreneurs operating Micro enterprises

SME Loans

Individual entrepreneurs operating Small or Medium enterprises.

Training and Advisory Services

We play our part in fostering general human development and social security. We believes that with training and business advisory services, we can help equip clients with the necessary skills to manage their lives and businesses better.

Our Promise


Clients are at the centre of everything we do.


Upholding the virtue of absolute honesty in our conduct.


Committed to building winning relationships.


Attaining and surpassing best practice.