About Us

Who We Are

MICROHUB FINANCIAL SERVICES (Pvt) Ltd is a dynamic and fast-growing microfinance institution incorporated in November 2015. Its mandate is to take financial services to the informal sector – through its accessible, affordable and flexible service provision, starting with the most needed, that is credit. This is done in a manner that drives social and economic transformation to the informal sector and the communities at large.

The main rationale for the establishment of the company is the conviction that the informal sector has increasingly become an important segment of the economy and sustainable financial and social returns can be obtained if tailor-made solutions are offered to the sector.

Our Vision

To be the leading driver of sustainable financial inclusion in Zimbabwe and the region.

Our Mission

We drive sustainable growth of the informal sector and communities through innovative, technology-driven financial solutions.

Our Values

Customer Centricity

Clients are at the center of everything we do.


Upholding the virtue of absolute honesty in our conduct.


Committed to building winning relationships.


Attaining and surpassing best practice.

What We Offer

We offer technology-driven, innovative and competitively priced enterprise loans appropriate to our clients’ everyday needs. This is bundled with business training and advisory services.

The Value of
The Customer

"To us, customer centricity is not just a corporate value we have stuck on our wall, but it is a culture we have inculcated in all our staff upon realisation that our clients are at the centre of everything we do."
Tamirira Rusheche
Managing Director,
Microhub Financial Services

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